You can now apply for Visas and Permits online

The Department of Immigration (DOI) has upgraded its Zambia Immigration Management System (ZIMS), through the Consolidated Immigration System (CIS) Project. For e-services click here

The upgrade has enhance the ZIMS by among other features, introducing electronic submission of and payment for permit applications, and issuance of digital permits.

Applicants are now able to submit applications for immigration permits and visas online through a new portal Payment of permit and visa application fees can be made on this portal through a secure web-based payment platform, using a wide range of debit and credit cards.

Where can I find the e-Services?

The eservices portal can be accessed on the Department’s website and following the eservices link, or directly via hyperlink To apply for visas and permits online please click here.

What services can be accessed on the e-services platform?

1. Visas
2. New applications [All Permit types, with the exception of Temporary Permits]
3. Extension/renewal and variations [All Permit types, with the exception of Temporary Permits]
4. Complaints and Appeals
5. Tracking status of application

Registering a User Account

In order to be able to lodge in an application for any of the immigration services available on the e-services portal, you must register a user account. Ensure you select the appropriate ‘type of representative’ as you are registering your user account, because it has a huge bearing on what services you will be able to access. You will have to select from the following four options:

a) Applicants;
b) Employer [Zambian based];
c) Consultant [Immigration Consultant Registered by the Department of Immigration]; and
d) Practicing Lawyer [Zambian based].

Important Notes

1. User accounts registered under ‘Applicant’ can only be used to submit applications of the actual individual seeking the service and not a third party.

2. User accounts registered under ‘Applicant’ cannot be used to apply Employment Permits [new, extension or variations]

3. Once registered, user accounts for Employers, Immigration Consultants and Practicing Lawyers will remain locked after the initial registration. These three categories of users must visit Immigration Headquarters in person or the nearest Regional Immigration Office and present the original copies of the following documents:

  • Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Introductory Letter on Company Letter head informing the Director General that the holder has been authorized to oversee the activation of the account;
  • Valid proof of membership to the Association of Professional Immigration Consultants [Only for Consultants]; and
  • Practicing certificates.

Only after successfully completing this process will the account be unlocked for use.


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