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Permit and Visa Fees

#Service TypeStatutory FeeAdministrative FeeTotal Amount
Visas (USD)
1Single Entry 500.5550.55
2Double Entry800.8880.88
3Multiple Entry 1501.65151.65
4Day Tripper 200.2220.22
5KAZA UNIVISA500.5550.55
Permits - Private Sector (ZMK)
6Cross Border Permit Issuance1,500151,515
7Cross Border Permit Renewal2,250252,275
8Cross Border Permit Duplicate1,500151,515
9Employment Permit Issuance6,000606,060
10Employment Permit Renewal7,000707,070
11Employment Permit Duplicate6,000606,060
12Employment Permit Variation by Change of occupation3,000303,030
13Employment Permit Variation by Addition of names of spouse or child1,000101,010
14Employment Permit Variation by Change of employer3,000303,030
15Employment Permit Variation by Change of nationality or name3,000303,030
16Investor’s Permit Issuance4,000404,040
17Investor’s Permit Renewal5,000505.050
18Investor’s Permit Duplicate4,000404,040
19Investor’s Permit Variation by Addition of names of spouse or child2,000202,020
20Investor’s Permit Variation by Change of nationality, name or nature of business or inclusion of another company or business name5,000505,050
21Residence Permit Issuance5,000505,050
22Residence Permit Duplicate5,000505,050
23Residence Permit variation by Inclusion of spouse or child1,25012.51,262.50
24Residence Permit variation by Addition of new business name3,75037.53,787.50
25Residence Permit variation by Change of occupation, nationality or name3,75037.53,787.50
26Spouse Permit Issuance7507.5757.50
27Spouse Permit Renewal1,500151,515
28Spouse Permit Duplicate7507.5757.50
29Spouse Permit Variation7507.5757.50
30Study Permit Issuance2,25022.52,272.50
31Study Permit Renewal3,000303,030
32Study Permit Duplicate 2,25022.52,272.50
33Study Permit Variation2,25022.52,272.50
34Temporary Employment Permit Issuance4,500454,545
35Temporary Employment Permit Renewal5,25052.55,302.50
36Temporary Employment Permit Duplicate5,25052.55,302.50
37Temporary Employment Permit Variation5,25052.55,302.50
38Temporary Permit Issuance6,000606,060
39Temporary Permit Renewal 5,25052.55,302.50
40Temporary Permit Duplicate 4,500454,545
41Transit Permit Issuance3,000303,030
42Transit Permit Renewal 3,75037.53,817.50
43Transit Permit Duplicate3,000303,030
44Visiting Permit Issuance1,700171,717
45Visiting Permit Renewal2,500252,525
46Visiting Permit Duplicate1,700171,717
Permits - Government, Quasi-Government, NGOs & Other Non-Profit Making Organizations (ZMK)
47Employment Permit Issuance2,000202,020
48Employment Permit Renewal3,000303,030
49Employment Permit Duplicate2,000202,020
50Employment Permit Variation by Change of Occupation, Employer, Nationality or Name1,000101,010
51Employment Permit Variation by Addition of Names of Spouse or Child1,000101,010
52Residence Permit Issuance1,87518.751,893.75
53Residence Permit Duplicate1,87518.751,893.75
54Residence Permit Variation by Change Change of Occupation or Employer 1,25012.51,262.50
55Residence Permit Variation by Change of Nationality or Name or Inclusion of Names of Spouse or Child6256.25631.25
56Study Permit Issuance1,12511.251,136.25
57Study Permit Renewal 1,500151,515
58Study Permit Duplicate1,12511.251,136.25
59Study Permit Variation1,500151,515
60Temporary Employment Permit Issuance2,25022.52,272.50
61Temporary Employment Permit Renewal3,000303,030
62Temporary Employment Permit Duplicate 2,25022.52,272.50
63Temporary Employment Permit Variation3,000303,030
64Temporary Permit Issuance3,000303,030
65Temporary Permit Renewal3,75037.53,787.50
66Temporary Permit Duplicate3,000303,030