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Some important information to note when arriving and departing Zambia.

Arriving in Zambia

All arriving passengers must have at least six months validity on their passports from the date of entry. The passport must also have at least 3 full blank pages.

All travelers who are not Zambian citizens or residents and require visas to come to Zambia must hold a valid visa to enter Zambia. Depending on the nationalities, visas can be obtained on arrival at the port of entry, at the Zambian Missions Abroad or obtained prior to travelling to Zambia. Anyone, regardless of nationality is now able to apply for an e-Visa to Zambia.

All Diplomats accredited to Zambia coming on official business should be issued with Gratis Visas at Zambian Missions Abroad or Port of Entry. This includes those Diplomats coming to do business with their respective Embassies/High Commissions.

Diplomats not accredited to Zambia coming on official business should be issued with Gratis Visas at Zambian Missions Abroad or Port of Entry. Diplomats not accredited to Zambia coming on private business should obtain Visa in the normal way and pay the applicable visa fee.

An Employment Permit authorises the holder to enter and re-enter into and to remain within Zambia until the permit expires. However, if it is a first time application and the successful applicant requires a visa to enter Zambia, such a person is still required to apply for a visa to enter the country to collect the permit.

All non-citizens and non- residents arriving in Zambia by air must be in possession of valid return air tickets. Those arriving by land and water must have enough funds for their stay in and departure from Zambia.

Flight crew members on scheduled flight are allowed a maximum of seven (07) days to remain within the nearest town to the airport without undergoing any immigration formalities. Further, crew members on scheduled flights who remain at the airport where the aircraft had stopped or within the confines of the city adjacent thereto, and departs on the same aircraft or on his next regular scheduled flight out of the Republic of Zambia, his crew member license or certificate is accepted in lieu of passport or visa for temporary admission into Zambia.

However, if the crew member wishes to visit any other town other than the nearest town, immigration formalities shall apply.

In the case of Zambia, Transit Visas are issued to nationals who require visas to enter Zambia and are transiting through using land transport and shall be valid for a maximum period of seven (07) days. This implies that travelers transiting through Zambia by Air directly, or those who remain within the precincts of the airport, will not have to appear before an Immigration Officer for immigration formalities.

For delayed flights which may cover over night stops, transit passengers may be issued with a report order by the Immigration Officer allowing them to lodge at a prescribed hotel and report back for departure out of Zambia.

Departing from Zambia

Every other person departing from Zambia, except in direct transit through Zambia by air, having left the precincts of the airport shall appear before an Immigration Officer for immigration formalities, including paying for visas for those requiring visas.

Non Zambian citizens, who are leaving the country permanently, or whose immigration permits have become invalid must surrender the permit to Immigration Officers on exit.