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18-06-2022 – The Mpika Immigration Office, on 16th June, 2022 secured the conviction of a 34-year-old Zambian Mechanic, Sydney Simukanga, for aiding two (02) Somali illegal immigrants to travel from Nakonde to Lusaka. The Mpika Magistrate Court sentenced him to pay a fine of K 60,000 or, in default, two years simple imprisonment. Sydney Simukanga, together with another Zambian and two (02) Somalis, were apprehended on 24th May, 2022, at the Mpika Toll Gate aboard a Toyota Duet, which he was driving. Meanwhile, the two (02) Somalis were each sentenced to pay fines of K 1,500 or, in default, nine months simple imprisonment for illegal entry. They have since paid the fines and will soon be removed from the country. Meanwhile, the Court discharged the other Zambian.

Similarly, the Nyimba Immigration Office, on 8th June, 2022, secured the conviction of Eight-Six (86) Ethiopian nationals for failing to appear before an Immigration Officer on entry. As a result, the Fifty-Nine (59) Adults were each sentenced to pay a fine of K 500 or, in default, nine months simple imprisonment while the Court ordered the repatriation of the twenty-seven (27) juveniles. The Officers apprehended the Ethiopians in Nyimba District following a tip-off from a Zamtel Employee, who reported spotting them during a routine inspection of a Tower. The Mpika and Nyimba convictions bring the number of convictions secured by the Department of Immigration between 3rd and 16th June, 2022 to One Hundred and Ninty-Three (193).

In another development, the Isoka Immigration Office, on 15th June, 2022, detained 17 Ethiopian nationals for failing to appear before an Immigration Officer on entry. The Ethiopians were handed-over to the Mpika Immigration Office upon being apprehended by Police in the Kapililonga area in the early hours of 15th June 2022, following a report by the District Community Crime Prevention Unit. The Isoka incident brings the number of persons apprehended between 3rd and 16th June 2022 for various immigration offences countrywide to Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven (327).

During this period, the Department also removed Sixty-Nine (69) and deported Six (06) illegal immigrants from the country.  Forty-Three (43) foreign nationals were also refused entry into Zambia after they failed to meet the prescribed entry requirements.