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12-10-2022 – The Choma Immigration Office has apprehended Twelve (12) persons from the Horn of Africa for illegal entry. The group comprising nine (9) Ethiopians and three (3) Somalis, aged between 25 and 41, was intercepted in the late hours of Tuesday, 11th October 2022, in Batoka aboard a Livingstone-bound Toyota Hiace Public Service Bus Registration Number AKB 3623. They all failed to produce documentation legalizing their entry into Zambia and are detained pending prosecution. In addition, Lastone Zyambo (45) of Choma, who was driving the bus, was taken into custody to help with investigations.

Meanwhile, the Ndola Regional Immigration Office, on 11th October 2022, apprehended Twelve (12) persons in a routine operation conducted in Masala Township. Those arrested were five (5) Tanzanians, three (3) Congolese, two (2) Indians, one (1) Chinese, and one (1) Ugandan. Of those apprehended, four (4) Tanzanians were served with notices to leave the Country, one (1) Congolese was physically removed from the Country, while one (1) Indian and one (1) Chinese were released unconditionally. The remaining four (4), one (1) Congolese, Indian, Ugandan, and Tanzanian remain detained pending prosecution. The Ndola and Choma operations bring the number of persons apprehended on 11th October 2022 to Thirty-Seven (37).

On this same day, the Department also secured seventeen (17) convictions, removed nine (9) illegal immigrants from the Country, and refused three (3) foreign nationals’ entry into Zambia.

The Department of Immigration wishes to urge Public Service Vehicle Operators and Drivers to verify the immigration status of passengers with the Department before they allow them to board their vehicles to avoid facilitating illegal migration.