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28-06-2024 – The Department of Immigration has apprehended 138 persons of different nationalities in a clean-up operation conducted in conjunction with other security wings. Those apprehended in the operation which covered various parts of Lusaka were 70 Burundians, 19 Congolese, 19 persons claiming Zambian citizenship, and 12 Rwandese. Others were seven Tanzanians, five Comorians, three Indians, and two persons of unverified nationalities and one Zambian. Of those nabbed, 137 were for various immigration offences while one was for a drug related offence.  Of the 137 apprehended for immigration related offences, 20 were released unconditionally after preliminary screening while 12 were requested to report to Immigration Headquarters on 3rd July, 2024 for further immigration formalities. Meanwhile, 104 suspects are detained pending further screening and possible prosecution.

This was a continuation of a similar operation conducted yesterday in which 222 were apprehended and 119 detained.