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Immigration and APIC hold successful Consultative Meeting

The Department of Immigration and the Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (APIC) on 13th June, 2024 held a successful Consultative Meeting. The one-day event which brought together top Officials from the Department of Immigration and the Board and Trustees of APIC was held at the Ridgeway Southern Sun Hotel.

The meeting aimed to discuss and address various issues of mutual concern such as illegal immigration consultancy, abuse of the immigration eservices platform, delays and many others as well as to further strengthen the cordial relations between the two interdependent institutions who have the common interest of ensuring that there is sanity in the immigration consultancy field in Zambia.   

The Director General of Immigration Japhet M. Lishomwa, Ph.D. and the APIC Chairperson Mr. Enock Shawa officially opened the meeting. In his opening speech, the Director General highlighted the important intermediary role APIC played between the Department and its clientele thereby reducing the complexity of the cases the Department handled and bolstering efficiency. “You have continued supporting our work by providing sound advice and professional support services to the general public”. He said.  

“It is from this understanding that you are a key stakeholder who should be embraced in our operations that we ensure to keep you abreast with the latest developments in the Department and the broader migration space”

In his reciprocal remarks, the APIC Chairperson hailed the good working relationship between the two institutions and stated that consultative meetings were essential in narrowing the gap of areas of differences the two institutions experienced in their operations.

“You have invited APIC to very important events and this shows that you value us and that you have a place for us in your operations”. He said.

Deliberations on the substantive issues where Co-Chaired by the Deputy Director General of Immigration responsible for Operations, Mr. Enos Chibombe who was representing the Director General and the APIC Chairperson Mr. Enock Shawa.

The meeting made a number of resolutions. For instance, it was resolved that the two institutions should conduct an induction seminar for the recently registered immigration consultants to be facilitated by resource persons from both institutions and that APIC Members should play an active role in reporting unregistered consultants and non-compliant members.