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12-02-2021 – The Department of Immigration between 5th and 11th February, 2021 apprehended a total of eighty-nine (89) persons for various immigration offences countrywide. Those apprehended were twenty-six (26) Congolese, twenty-two (22) Malawians, eighteen (18) Ethiopians, seven (07) Burundians and seven (07) Tanzanians. Others were three (03) Chinese, two (02) Egyptians, one (01) Angolan, one (01) Indian, one (01) Senegalese and one (01) Zimbabwean. 

During this period the Department also removed thirteen (13) illegal immigrants from the country, including seven (07) Congolese, three (03) Tanzanians and one (01) Pakistani. Others were one (01) Ugandan and One (01) Rwandese.

The Department also secured fifteen (15) convictions for various immigration offences with the convicts receiving sentences ranging from fines of K 500 to K 4,500 or in default to serve one (01) to nine (09) months simple imprisonment. The convicts included five (05) Burundians, three (03) Tanzanians, and three (03) Congolese. Others were one (01) Malawian, one (01) Somali, one (01) Zambian and one (01) Zimbabwean. 

We wish to encourage members of the public with information of an individual, business, or employer who may be aiding and abetting illegal immigrants to contact the Department of Immigration.

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