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21-06-2024 – The Department of Immigration in Ndola has effected the deportation of a 45-year-old Congolese Businessman, Freddy Chansa for abrogating immigration laws with impunity by repeatedly returning to Zambia unlawfully. He was deported on 19th June, 2024 via Kasumbalesa Border Control under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

The Serial Offender first came to the Department’s attention on 3rd October, 2016 when he was referred to Immigration Headquarters by the Department of National Registration Passport and Citizenship after that Office rejected his application for late registration as a Zambian citizen when he failed to prove his claim to Zambian citizenship. The Zambian Consulate in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) had earlier rejected his application for a Travel Document for similar reasons, after which he entered Zambia without a travel document on 7th May 2016 with the view to obtaining a Green National Registration Card. After concluding investigations into his claim to Zambian Citizenship, the Department established that he was born and raised in Congo and that his parents were also born in Congo. Consequently, he was removed from the country for the first time on 28th April, 2017 via Kasumbalesa Border Control.

Chansa unlawfully returned to Zambia on unknown dates and while in the Country fraudulently acquired a Green National Registration Card (NRC), a Zambian passport and a Voter’s Registration Card before being arrested and prosecuted for giving false information to a Public Officer when obtaining the NRC.  On 16th February 2022 he was convicted and later removed from the country for the second time via Kasumbalesa Border Control after paying a court fine.

He was removed for the third time on 27th May, 2024 through Sakania Border Control after presenting himself at the Ndola Regional Immigration Office on 14t May, 2024 demanding to be cleared as a Zambia, until he was finally deported on 19th June, 2024 via Kasumbalesa Border Control.  He had visited the Ndola Regional Immigration Office in the company of his lawyers, after returning unlawfully, yet gain. Meanwhile, the Department of Immigration between 18th and 20th June 2024 apprehended 77 persons of different nationalities for various immigration offenses countrywide, secured 36 convictions, removed 31 illegal immigrants from the country and refused six foreign national entry for failing to meet entry requirements.