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The Department of Immigration has effected the deportation of a 55-year-old Turkish Residence Permit Holder, Taciddin Sahutoglu for sexually abusing his female employees. He was deported on 14th June, 2024 following the conclusion of investigations into reports that Sahutoglu who is a Director and Shareholder at Deniz Blocks and Pavers Factory located in Lusaka was in the habit of abusing his female employees. Investigations also revealed glaring breaches of labour laws such as non-adherence to the minimum wage by the company.

The Department revoked his Residence Permit before effecting his deportation under a warrant signed by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security. He left Zambia aboard an Emirates Flight via Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

This deportation should serve as a timely warning to Foreign Employers who are in the habit of taking advantage of the vulnerability of some employees by exploiting, harassing and abusing them. The Department will not hesitate to revoke such Employers’ permits and recommend for their deportation. We equally wish to encourage employees to report erring employers to the relevant authorities.