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9-07-2022 – The Kitwe Immigration Office, on 5th July 2022, removed Fifty-Six (56) illegal immigrants from the country. Among those removed were twenty-eight (28) Tanzanians who were not prosecuted, while another Twenty-Five (25) Tanzanians,   One (1) Burundian, and One (1) Malawian paid court fines for various offences including illegal entry, unlawful stay,  and engaging in trade without Permits. Lastly, the Kitwe Immigration Office deported one (1) Tanzanian after serving a sentence for unlawful stay. The Kitwe removals bring the number of removals between 1st and 7th July 2022 to One Hundred and Twenty-One (121).

During this period, the Department also apprehended Sixty-Six (66) persons for various offences, secured Twenty-four (24) convictions, and refused Fourteen (14) foreign nationals entry into Zambia for failing to satisfy the country’s entry requirements.